Do You Have Warts? Remove Them In 5 Days With This Cure

Have you looked in the mirror and seen warts? You must be feeling bad. Nobody likes this skin issue, it hurts and affects the looks too.

What makes this issue? The cause is varied like obesity, genes, diabetes and such skin issues must be removed.

They appear with pregnancy and hormone changes.

Usually this is seen in adults and some body parts like armpits, neck, chest, eyelids. Dermatologists advice their methods for removal are the best but they hurt and cost a lot. The method we have is painless and cheap.

You just need acv and cotton.

Get hyssop, cover the cotton and the surface you need covered and soak this in acv. Drain the excess and let this dry on the skin with the cotton.

Repeat this few times daily and after 5 days see amazing results. The wart will fall off. If there is still some left, it will disappear.

Skip this on the eyelids since it might irritate the eyes.

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