The Unique And Amazing Advantages Associated With Onions!

The actual onion comes from the family known as Allium and that is the same family as the leeks, garlic, and so on they are full of sulfur and also have very strong antioxidant, antiseptic as well as antimicrobial attributes which provide them with the potential to battle the free radicals.

Also, they are very powerful natural antibiotics and possess the capacity to boost the defense mechanisms and to protect against bacterial and other types of infections.

People have already been using this for lots of years in the treatment for influenza, the common cold, and other health issues. Here are several of the fantastic benefits which the onions possess:

Treats injuries and slashes

The clear layer that the onions have, is excellent for preventing and dealing with small injuries, cuts, as well as bleeding.

Deals with ear infection

Onions have the ability to deal with many ear infections. Place some of the onion slices within a sock and then apply it on the ear. Lay down and let it stay for about 20 minutes.

Minimizes chest congestion

Crush one big onion and then add a small amount of coconut oil. Place this blend on the chest and then cover it with some clean hand towel. Leave this particular blend on your chest throughout the night.

Deals with coughs

Thoroughly clean one onion and slice it into halves. Place the halves in brown sugar and consume that two times each day.

Relieves colic

The Cherokee Indians have been using this treatment for many years. Boil a few onions and let them cool off. Strain the water off of them and give your infant a teaspoon in order to relieve the actual colic discomfort.

Treats temperature

Apply some coconut oil on the soles after which put 2 halves of an onion on them and also wear some socks. Leave them over the night and your temperature will be reduced.

Deals with vomiting

Grate one onion and then strain its juice. Make some peppermint tea and also take two teaspoons of the onion juices and right after 5 minutes take 2 teaspoons of the peppermint tea. Continue doing this until you quit vomiting.

Clears the air in your home

Our houses are filled with bacteria and toxins and the onions can aid you in clearing the air. Put a few onion slices onto a plate within your room and the air will get cleaner in no time.

There are many advantages of using onions. Apply some onions on your head and you will be able to avoid hair loss and also your hair will start growing much quicker. You may also apply some oil in some water in your house in order to get rid of some unwanted pests.