Stop Giving Hot Dogs To Children Immediately!

Every festival, sport match or any other social event cannot be imagined without hot dogs. They are very popular snack and can be bought everywhere in the world.

Although we all love them, both adults and children, the experts and doctors alarm that this food is extremely unhealthy and children should not consume them.

A study shows that in the USA, during the Independence Day there are over 155 million of hot dogs consumed.

According to the doctors you should stop giving your children hot dogs immediately.

The consumption of hot dogs in linked to the increased cases of leukemia in children. The risk of developing leukemia increases by 9% in children who eat more than 1 dozen of hot dogs a month. The same research shows that the child has higher risk of developing cancer if before conceiving the father consumed large amounts of hot dogs.

If the mother consumes only 1 hot dog a week while she is pregnant it can increase the risk for the child to develop brain tumor.

The consumption of hot dogs can lead to these serious diseases due to the nitrite additives. The nitrite additives are added in the production of hot dogs, so botulism can be prevented.

When we cook the hot dogs a very dangerous mixture is created called N-nitroso. This mixture is created when the nitrites mix with the amines from the meat. This compound can even cause cancer.

In order to lower the risk of developing some of these very serious health problems try to avoid eating hot dogs or at least try to lower the amounts of hot dogs and any other meat that contains nitrites.