Stop Consuming Baby Carrots – They Are Toxic And Dangerous!

Baby carrots are loved by both parents and children. Parents love them because they are perfectly sized and healthy and children love them because they are fun and sweet.

This type of carrots are perfectly shaped, peeled and don’t have the thick core as the regular carrots.

Recently there are a lot of controversies regarding the baby carrots. Apparently the baby carrots sold in the markets are harmful because they are being soaked in chemicals, more precisely in chlorine. The white foam that forms around the carrots is the chlorine leaking out of them.

What are Baby Carrots?

According to National Geographic almost 46 % of the fruits and vegetables are thrown away. The costumers don’t like buying ugly fruits and vegetables, so all the products that don’t fulfill the criteria and don’t look perfects are being discarded.

Despite the all the efforts of the farmers and the sellers to reduce the food waste by donating and selling the ugly fruits and vegetables at lower price, the consumers are still looking and buying only the perfect looking products.

Since the consumers want the prefect shaped fruits and vegetables, with the certain size and color, the supermarkets started offering them the “beautiful carrots”.  The farmers in order to sell their products started reshaping the ugly carrots by cutting, peeling and packaging the carrots in bags. These carrots are actually “baby cut carrots” and not “baby carrots” as people usually think.

The real Baby Carrots

The real “Baby Carrots” are left grown only until the so called baby phase. Reached the baby phase the carrots are picked so they can’t reach their full growth. You can find them in almost every store. The farmers usually leave the greenery on as prove that these carrots are real baby carrots and not baby cut carrots.

The baby-cut carrots, in order to preserve the color and crunch, are being soaked in chlorine and water solution before packaging.  Chlorine is also used for minimizing the risk of food – borne illnesses and E.coli.

As to Grimmway Farms, producer of baby-cut carrots, the amount of chlorine used for soaking the baby cut carrots is within limits that are set by the Environmental Protection Agency of the USA and the same amount can be found in tap water.

The chlorine in the tap water is also harmful for the health. According to the U.S. Council Of Environmental Quality people that consume water with chlorine have 93% more chance of getting cancer than the people that consume chlorine free water.

Don’t buy Baby – cut carrots, they are soaked in chlorine.

Chlorine is a pathogen, a toxic chemical from the group of chemicals or pathogens like fluoride. In its natural shape the chlorine is considered highly toxic and dangerous.

Although the amount of chlorine used for the baby-cut carrots is within the limits of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency try to avoid the consumption of this chemical whenever you can because chlorine is persistent chemical that does not break down.

Instead of buying baby cut carrots with chlorine try to find organic baby cut carrots which are soaked in Citrox, a citrus solution free of any toxins. Also you can make your own baby cut carrots by buying big, regular carrots and cutting them in to small pieces.

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