Stimulate The Growth Of The Hair, Eyebrows And Lashes With Just 1 Completely Natural Product!

Castor oil is very beneficial product for the hair, eyebrows and lashes. This oil is maybe a little bit hard to use but is one very natural, cheap and powerful product which shows amazing result in the treatment of hair problems.

The castor oil is great if you have thin hair, for smoother lips and for eliminating scars, lashes and eyebrows.

The castor oil contains ricinoleic acid which eliminates fungi and bacteria and it can be applied on the lashes, head and eyebrows because it stimulates the hair growth. It contains 9 omega fat acids which feed the skin, follicles and hair making them healthy because it penetrates deep into the pores improving the health of the follicles. This oil stops the falling of the hair making it thicker.

Also it makes the hair shiny because it contains gloss.

Eyebrows – You can use this remedy for the eyebrows. It makes them thick and darker. All you need to do is get castor oil with no hexane, cold pressed oil.  Wash your face before bedtime and apply the castor oil on the eyebrows.  Repeat the method for 3 months and you will see the changes.

Hair – For stimulating the regrowth of the hair you can do this treatment with castor oil.

This oil is very greasy so all you need are just couple of drops of the oil. Put the oil on the hands and rub the scalp. Apply the oil on the hair ends also. For longer hair you can use more than couple of drops but be careful because it makes the hair very greasy and shiny. You can mix the castor oil with coconut oil or apricot kernel oil. Using castor oil is great if you struggle with thinning of the hairline and you can also use it for prevention.

Lashes – Castor oil can also help you with the lashes. Just apply it and it will make the lashes longer and thicker.

Scars – Castor oil can be used for the treatment of scars. This oil penetrates deep in the pores and skin layers making the skin softer so it`s great for the treatment of scar tissues and scars. It stimulates the production of white blood cells, heals scars and wounds and eliminates tissue inflammation.

Lips – Another issue that you can use castor oil for is treatment of the lips. You can use it as protection or if you have some problems with the lips because they can get very dry very fast and start to peel but the good news is that the lips regenerate very fast also. You can simply use the oil as shiner and protect the lips.

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