Start The Day With Bitter Orange! It Boosts The Metabolism And Treats Indigestion!

There are a lot of different types of oranges. The best one is the bitter orange. This fruit is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and improves the hepatic or liver health. It is very powerful fruit, so without hesitation include it in the diet and enjoy all of its benefits.

Citrus aurantium or bitter orange has very powerful properties which are exceptionally good for the entire health.

Compared to the normal oranges it is small in size with rough and much clear peel. It has metabolic and satiating properties which stimulate the weight loss. These oranges are great for the loss of excess body fat.

This fruit is also used for preparing different medicinal cures due to the minerals and vitamins that the bitter orange contains.

The health benefits of the bitter orange

This fruit can be used for various purposes. Mainly it is used in the beauty-care products for making essential oil for perfumes, cosmetics and other beauty-care products.

Also it is commonly used in the kitchen. It is used as an ingredient in the preparation of different desserts. The bitter taste of the oranges combines perfectly with chocolate and gives the desserts an original taste. Also you can use it to make bitter orange jam.

The consumption of the bitter orange for several days will give you all the health benefits that this fruit contains.

The main benefits of the bitter orange

  • It stimulates the metabolism

This fruit contains high amounts of synephrine, a type of alkaloid which activates the metabolism. The components of the pulp and the pulp itself are so called thermogenic stimulators.  The body temperature rises due to the increased burning of the calories which is caused by the activation of the metabolism.  It acts similar to green tea for weight loss.

It is important to remember that the thermogenic properties cause increase of the blood pressure. You need to be careful and consume moderate amounts of bitter orange if you suffer from hypertension.

  • It can treat indigestion

All the bitter vegetables and fruits, bitter orange included, are beneficial for the health of the digestive system and the liver. These bitter products regulate and stimulate the bile acids, so they improve the digestion.