Start Consuming These 5 Products And Eliminate Cancer!

Angiogenesis is the stage of the formation of the body more precisely it is the stage of the creation of the blood vessels. This process occurs even later in life when the body suffers injuries that cut the skin, arteries or veins and the blood vessels need to be reconstructed.

In many cases the process of angiogenesis is related with the spreading of cancer and it`s lead by the inhibitors and activators. All the cancer researches focus almost always on the inhibitors even though the activators are those who boost and promote the cell`s vascular growth, so new blood canals can be formed.

The following 5 products are anti – angiogenesis. This means that they stop the growth of the cancer cells by affecting the cancer`s feeding.

  • The raspberry and blueberry effect

These plants or fruits have powerful anti-cancer properties especially for ovarian cancer. Their effectiveness and dark color are due to the phytochemicals that they contain, which are great for prevention for cancer. Raspberries and blueberries have reducing effect on angiogenesis and oxifative stress.

  • Tomato effect

The recent research conducted on Harvard shows that people who regularly consume cooked tomatoes have reduced risk of developing prostate cancer by 50 %. It has been proven that tomatoes are extremely effective because they contain large amounts of lycopene, a substance that has very powerful anti – angiogenic properties. Tomatoes are very powerful inhibitors of the angiogenesis.

According to the experts lycopene is distributed very easily through the digestive system in the body because it breaks down in the body’s fat. When it`s exposed to high temperatures the concentration of the lycopene increases. This is the reason why the consumption of cooked tomatoes stops the growth of the cancer cells.

  • Green tea and coffee

These two beverages are the most consumed drinks worldwide. They both reduce the risk of developing cancer.

  • Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is very healthy. It is good for the overall happiness and heart condition and health. The most important property of this testy desert is the fact that it fights the cancer cells.  Although it might sound incredible this desert will satisfy your cravings for sugar and it will keep your overall health.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is a plant that has many powerful properties and it is used for many different purposes. It is very effective ingredient for fat elimination and for the treatment of many medical problems. It is used as prevention against different types of cancer.