Restore The Function Of The Immune System In 15 Seconds By Fallowing The Method Of The Russian Doctor Bubnovskiy!

If you constantly suffer from infections or if you are down with the flu often it means that the immune system is weakened. Restoring the proper functioning of the immune system is very difficult, but not according to Dr. Sergey Bubnovskiy. This Russian doctor believes that boosting the immune system is actually very simple. The method of Dr. Bubnovskiy will restore the immune system in no time, in just 15 seconds.

According to Dr. Sergey Bubnovskiy this method is not only going to restore the immune system, but it will also prevent many other conditions and illnesses. The method is very simple. You just need to soak the feet for 15 seconds in icy cold water. The process needs to be repeated every night before going to bed. If the immune system is seriously damaged you need to repeat the method every 4 hours. Your condition will change in no time and very soon you will feel much healthier.

This method can also help you with other conditions.

  • It relieves muscle soreness

Soaking the feet in icy water will eliminate any pain you might be feeling and it will also relax the muscles.

  • It improves the health quality of the hair and skin

The icy water is great for the health of the hair and the skin and it will improve significantly the quality of the skin and hair.

  • It fights depression

Many studies show that soaking the feet in in icy cold water improves the mood and reduces and prevents depression.