Real vs. Fake Rice. Learn The Differences!

Lately we can hear and read that there is a mass production of fake rice sold all over the world. This has been proven with the investigation conducted in Asia.

So be careful what you are buying.

Mostly the fake rice comes from China but it was found also in Vietnam and India. Europe and Indonesia are not excluded from the list too. In the USA it`s hard to find it, but it`s sold even there.

This rice, the fake one, looks just like the real one and it is hard to make a difference especially because it`s produced and placed on the market by known companies and brands and it`s sold in very famous supermarkets and not only in small shops. But it`s not impossible to recognize it.

Eating the fake rice can damage our health because it contains chemicals and potatoes residue. The first thing you should do is exclude the rice from your everyday diet. This rice, after consumption, almost immediately upsets the stomach.

But this is not the case in Malaysia because there are severe controls of every food, so it`s very very hard to find fake rice.

The differences between real and fake rice.

You cannot make a difference between the real and the fake rice just by looking. But if you cook the rice you will see the differences. The fake rice doesn`t change the form if boiled, it maintains its original shape, while the real one does.

Besides the shape, the fake rice has like plastic smell and feels like plastic too after cooking.

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