A Plant Named Gift Of God Can Aid More Than 100 Problems

An old lady has spoken about the benefits of the plant named Gift of God. She had breast cyst for years and had no other option than natural cures. The Chaya herb cured this in just 90 days and she felt this in the first 3 days.

Chaya or tree spinach, is growing fast, is perennial and of Mexico. Not famous but really healthy.

The benefits:

  • Regulated cholesterol
  • Regulated uric acid
  • Better brain and eyesight
  • More calcium in you
  • No osteoporosis
  • Curing and treating anemia
  • Regulated blood sugar
  • No sore throat, infections, headache, hemorrhoids…
  • Clean liver
  • good metabolism

there are more benefits in Chaya. Also this comes in soup, salads, teas and more. But never raw.

How to make this tea

You need:

6 Chaya leaves

2 cups water


Let the water boil add the leaves and simmer for 10 min. strain and cool it off. Have a tea 3 times daily and be healthy.

Source and imagesource: naturalcarebox.com