A Pinch Of Turmeric Can Be Like A 60 Min Workout

Turmeric is just like workouts. It makes cardio health and overall benefits.

Medical experts do not go deep in this turmeric science but studies said turmeric is great for the health.

It removes risk of heart attack after a bypass procedure by  50%. Also has polyphenol curcuma for the heart health.

A study with 32 women post menopause and in menopause was divided in 3 groups. One ate curcuma, one had workouts and one did nothing. The health and elasticity of vessels was the focus and also endothelium lining and the link to atherosclerosis.

The curcuma group got 150 mg daily with a same diet as before. The workout group had 3 times weekly aerobic, cycling and walking. After month and a half, this was over and results were good. Both these groups had healthy vessels.

Workouts and turmeric

This can motivate people to eat more turmeric and workout too. It can cure even 600 problems but cannot be a full replacement for workouts. Combine them both.

Another study focuses on these effects and stress tolerance too. This was seen in post menopause women that had heart problems. The workout results with curcuma lowered the ventricular problems. Their afterload makes heart hypertrophy in the aortic valve and pressure too.

Also, this plant spice removes inflammation after workouts.

Source and imagesource: organichealthuniverse.com