This Is Why You Should Never Let People Kiss Your Baby On The Lips

Protecting the baby and keeping it safe and healthy is the most important thing for any parent.

Nothing alarms the parents more than irresponsible people that come to visit when their kids are sick, or bring the kids to the park when they cough and have runny nose.

When the kids are sick you should never bring them for play dates, in the park or send them to kindergarten or school.  You and your kids should never kiss or play with other kids if you are sick because that way you are spreading the germs and viruses and no parent wants to be in bed sick or having a sick baby and dealing with vomiting, fever or paying for childcare.

Even if you think that moms are being paranoid because they rush to the doctor for every little thing and try, in every possible way, to protect their children this is more than that. Germs, flu and bacteria are everywhere. We cannot protect our children always and keep them isolated in a bubble but we can certainly try.

Just read the story of Claire Henderson form the UK. Her newborn baby Brooke spent 5 days in a hospital with herpes on the lips, cheeks and chin after somebody gave her a kiss on the lips. Always remember that cold sores can be fatal for newborns under 3 months.

Luckily she made it through.  But sadly not the baby Eloise Lampton from Queensland who died from cold sores just a few days after she was born.

There is a lesson to be learned from these stories. Kissing a newborn baby on the lips is not allowed, even if the person looks perfectly fine and healthy.

If you have cold sore keep your distance from babies.

Why visit a fragile newborn if you have a cold sore? Why kiss? And to make things worse, why kissing a baby on the lips?

There is no excuse for seeing a baby when you are sick.  Maybe for you it`s nothing serious when you have just a runny nose or sore throat but not for the baby or his parents. The baby has no immunity for the first 6 weeks and the germs that we carry may cause serious complications.

My friends that have a newborn made us wait for 6 weeks until we can see the baby.

This should be a rule.

This is something that you should say freely to you friends and family if you have a baby and not risk the health of the baby.

It`s his right to develop healthy.

Nobody should judge the parents for wanting to protect their child and they should not feel guilty for doing that, for giving the baby healthy environment to grow and develop.

If you or you kids are sick don’t visit other babies, don’t go around newborns and most important do not kiss newborns on the lips.

No parent should be patient and polite when it comes to the health of their newborn baby.

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