Natural Treatment For Eliminating Gout For Good!

The gout is a medical condition that is very similar to the arthritis.

The gout appears because the kidneys fail to eliminate the uric acid. This acid is actually the waste that passed through the kidneys but it did not get eliminated so it spreads in the bloodstream and crystallizes around the joints.

The gout is a chronic illness and a lot of people suffer from this condition. The symptoms are red joints, sudden pain, heat and tender tissues.

If you don’t wish to be on pain killers all the time you can treat the symptoms the natural way.

This is the recipe for the natural cure and this is what you need:



One pineapple

Inch of fresh ginger  or 2-3 teaspoons  ginger powder

1 cup of juice from tart cherry

1-2 teaspoons turmeric powder


Glass container and lid


First of all peel the pineapple, slice it and put it in the blender. You can use just the fruit meat or together with the stem but you should know that the stem contain bromein.  Blend the pineapple well, add the juice and the turmeric powder and ginger as much as you like. Also you can add honey for sweeter taste.

Put the mixture in the glass container and close it with the lid. Put the jar in the refrigerator and leave it for 10 days to sit.  Drink it every day. Prepared that way it can be used for 1 month.