Natural Remedy For Effective And Fast Nail Growth!

Keratin is the protein that is contained in the nails. The toenails develop faster than the fingernails. The growth of the nails can be determined by different factors like hormonal changes, lack of nutrients, medications and other health problems. These factors can slow down the growth of the nails.

The growth of the nails can be accelerated with some natural treatments and remedies.


This vegetable is very powerful and used for the treatment of many medical conditions. Also it is the best remedy for accelerating the growth of the nails. Garlic has very potent antibacterial and antifungal properties and protects the nails form different infections. It improves the health of the nails, making them smooth, thick and beautiful.

Cut the garlic clove and rub it on the fingers. Leave it on for couple of minutes, so the skin and the nails can absorb it.

You can also make garlic paste and apply it on the nails leaving it on for 5 minutes. Very soon, you will notice the improvements.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is very important for the health of the nails and the hair and it stimulates their growth. Mix the vitamin E with some essential oil and heat up the mixture. Dip the nails in the warm mixture before you go to sleep and leave the mixture on throughout the night. The next morning you will see the amazing improvements.

Night treatment

The best time to treat the nails is the night. You can make the night treatment easily. All you need and couple of capsules Vitamin E and some essential oils.

Apple the content of the vitamin capsules on the nails and put on manicure gloves before you go to bed. The next morning you will see the results.  For best results repeat this treatment for 1 week.

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