Natural Remedies For The Treatment Of Receding Gums!

People usually avoid going to the dentist because the dental problems can be very frustrating and painful. One very common dental problem is called receding gums. The gums tissue corrodes around the teeth and the gums pull back. This is why this condition is called receding gums or gum recession.

When the gums are receding the teeth become bigger and the line between the teeth and the gums becomes visible and exposed. When that area of the teeth is exposed the teeth become very sensitive because bacteria can grow in that area which causes unbearable pain. Sometimes this condition can lead to loss of teeth.

Because the process of gum recession is slow and long people usually don’t even see it until it`s too late.

The reasons for developing this condition are different. Here are some of them: smoking, genes, bad oral hygiene, gum illnesses, aggressive brushing, tongue pricings, periodontal diseases, hormone imbalance etc.

There are some medical methods that can repair the condition of the teeth like tooth scaling, surgery or root planning. So if you suspect that you might have this problem consult your dentist.

Also you can try to eliminate the problem with some natural remedies.

Start your day with 1 cup of green tea. This tea reduces the swelling and eliminates any kind or oral problems due to its numerous anti-inflammatory properties.

Brush your teeth with Aloe vera gel. You can use the gel as mouthwash also.

Eucalyptus stimulates the gums and prevents from gums receding. Just massage the gums with eucalyptus.

Use clove oil for massaging the gums. Do this treatment 3 times every day.

Oil pulling reduces accumulation of plaque and eliminates toxins in the mouth cavity.

Massage the gums with myrrh powder applied on the brush.

Make all natural homemade lemon oil by mixing ½ a cup of olive oil and lemon juice, freshly squeezed. Leave the remedy for 3 weeks to rest before use. Massage the gums with the lemon oil.

In order to protect your gums and prevent gum receding to develop you need to make sure to brash the teeth after every meal to remove all the bacteria and harmful matters. Brush the gum line and the teeth with soft brush and maintain good oral health and oral hygiene.

If you already suffer from this condition you can treat it with consumption of zinc, calcium, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10 and ginkgo biloba.

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