This natural Cure Saves Even 97% Of The Hearing – Good For Elder People That Have Hearing Loss

Hear loss is the age related common problem. Sadly, this affects many people as well.

This affects the ability to perform daily tasks and function well since it makes life harder. If you have hear loss, there is a chance you will have work problems. You will not hear traffic sounds, horns when you drive or even walk and you put yourself in danger.

The pharma industry offers many meds but this amazing cure is natural and homemade.

It also restores hearing by 97%  even in elder people.

The main item here is in the kitchen. It is garlic.

Garlic is the healthiest veggie ever since it is medicinal. It was long used for many problems even hear loss.

DIY garlic hear loss remedy

You need:

3 cloves garlic

Olive oil


Gauze or cotton pad


Peel the garlic and wash them. Press it firm to get the juice. Get as much as you can. Mix this with the oil and put it in a dropper.


Put 3-4 drops in the ear and lye down. Put gauze over this and stay down to keep this inside the ear.

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