A Man Had Coconut Oil Twice Daily For 2 Whole Months. His Brain Changed a Lot!

The worst illness in the world is Alzheimer’s. but it can be avoided and read more how! Here is the story of Mary T. Newport, a doctor who dealt with this illness that her husband got in the 50s.

Her husband Steve had 5 year long dementia before an MRI with this diagnose. He was in really bad shape.

He was defocused all the time, could not work with spoons, forks, he couldn’t even get food from the fridge. He forgot messages and could recall them days later.

His frontal and parietal lobes as well as hippocampus and amygdala were damaged a lot. The short term memory was gone and he made new information later. His wife wanted to change his diet.

He received regular meds but it was in vain. He was slim, skinny and depressed. Motions were more stiff and he had tremors.

The drug his wife explored was Ketasyn AC 1202 and this stopped his illness after 3 months therapy. She said the main item was triglycerides! So coconut oil from health store was next.

She gave Steve 2 spoons daily twice per day. After 2 months tremors ended, he recognized many faces and spoke even. He walked in nature and improved a lot.

She swears coconut did this!

Why and how is coconut good for this issue?

The brain needs food and 60% has to be glucose.

But the brain does not receive every single cell of glucose when it works unwell. The ketone byproducts from fat breakdown are a good thing here. They soothe neurons and nerves after damage.

Some neurons get the glucose because of resistance to insulin. Ketones might even save some cells.

After starvation, ketones appear and also when MCT is exposed to oxygen so with the liver it makes more ketones. Of fats, 97% are long chain triglycerides and 18 carbons. Medium chain is 6-12 carbons.

For Parkinson’s coconut is good as well and for epilepsy drug resistance, diabetes and MS is good too!

For more evidence

Back in 2004, a study of Neurobiology of Aging said coconut improves cognition and memory. 20 people in a study were monitored and some got coconut, some placebo. After 90 min, coconut group had more beta-hydroxybutyrate beta OHB the best ketone.

Everyone starved before this study and had blood checked. The average dose was 40 ml coconut.

Dr. Mercola said that Dr. Perlmutter David, a neurologist, said avoiding fats and eating carbs is the reason for Alzheimer’s!

Both said fasting is good when coconut is included for more liver glycogen. Also excess fat will be removed and you enter keto stage. So, easy and healthy weight loss, healthy brain, but there is a catch. If you get too much ketones, the blood will become acidic and even be fatal. Remove sugars and have a healthy flora.

Source and imagesource: organichealthuniverse.com