The Main Reasons Why You Should Stop With The Vegetarian And Vegan Diet!

There are people who are vegetarians because they are struggling with certain health problems, for religious reasons that doesn’t allow them to consume meat and people who chose to be vegans or vegetarians because they think that it is the only way to stay healthy.

The common believe that vegans and vegetarians are more healthy than people who consume meat is not scientifically based. There are no evidence that not consuming meat will protect you and you won`t develop heart problems, cancer and other medical disorders.

As a matter of fact the organism needs fats in order to stay healthy simply because every single cell in the body is consisted of fat and cholesterol. The neurotransmitters and hormones are made of, believe it or not, cholesterol which can only be found in animal fat. Even more, the brain is consisted of 60 % fat and more than 25 % of that fat is cholesterol.

There are many reasons why you should not be a vegan or vegetarian

  1. The body needs the nutrients which can be found only in animal products

Since the brain is 60 % fat it needs the amino acids, minerals and fats that the animal products contain for the production of neuron membranes, steroid hormones and neurotransmitters. They are also essential for the neurotransmission.

The human brain is consisted of AA or arachidonic acid and DHA. This is the reason why low fat diets cause anxiety and depression. The behavior and the mood depend on the proper function of the neurotransmitters in the brain. Avoiding the nutrients from animal products obstructs the proper functioning. The nutrient deficiency can cause other disorders like chronic fatigue, low blood sugar levels, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, food addiction and other health problems.

  1. Vitamin B 12 deficiency

It is wrong to think that you can get vitamin B 12 from plants.

Vitamin B 12 is water soluble nutrient and it`s the only vitamin that contains cobalt. This vitamin is also called cobalamin and it`s linked to the normal function of the brain, the maintenance of the nerves and the development of the red blood cells. Cobalamin or vitamin B 12 is the only vitamin that can`t be obtained from sunlight or plant sources. It is produced in the animal’s gut. According to this the vegans and vegetarians are prone to deficiency of vitamin B 12.

A research conducted by a group of German experts, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, tracked a group of 174 individuals living in the Netherlands and Germany. The group was consisted of vegetarians, vegans and people who consumed animal products.

The research has shown that 92 % of the studied vegans who were on strict vegan diet which excludes any type of animal products, eggs and milk included, had deficiency of vitamin B 12. The vitamin B 12 deficiency was also present in 2 out of 3 vegetarians that consumed eggs and milk as only animal foods and only 5% of the people who consumed meat and other animal products suffered from vitamin B 12 deficiency

The human body cannot produce the vitamin B12 by itself, so it needs to be taken from food or other supplements. A report from the Harvard Health Medical published in 2013 showed that this vitamin is essential element for the production of red blood cells, nerves, DNA and other functions in the human body. The body needs the vitamin B 12 for creating red blood cells, making DNA and for the metabolism of the cells.

  • Fat soluble vitamins D and A deficiency

Fat -soluble vitamins D and A deficiency is one of the biggest problem caused by the vegetarian diet. These vitamins are very important and can be found in animal products such as dairy products, eggs, organ meats and seafood.

According to where it comes from, the vitamin A has different name. The one from animal sources is named retinol and the vitamin A from plants is called carotenoids like beta carotene.

The vitamin A from animal sources can easily be utilized by the body. The one from plant sources first must be converted into retinol, so the body can use it.

The vitamin A is essential for fertility, skin, eyesight and for the immune system to be strong.

Vitamin D is also very important because it protects the body from certain cancer types, reduces inflammation, regulates and stimulates the immune system function and regulates the calcium metabolism.

  • Heart diseases

The heart and the entire body need complete protein. This means that they need more than just the essential amino acids. They need the amino acids which contain the dietary sulfur and the complete protein can be found in animal products. The dietary sulfur can be found only in grass fed beef and fish. Without the sufficient amount of dietary sulfur the body can’t do the biological processes of enzymes and proteins. A meta-study from 2010 shows that there are no evidence that the dietary saturated fats are the reason for developing cardiovascular diseases and coronary heart diseases.

It is important to consume only organic meats, grass fed. These meats are healthy because of the nutritional properties.

Don’t chose to eliminate meat and animal products just because you think that this is the best way to stay healthy. The body and the brain need these elements that the animal products contain in order to be healthy.