Have Lemon Water And Honey And See Changes After a Year!

Crystal Davis of USA became famous after she shared her recipe for lemon water. She consumed this water and honey daily for a year. Then she got shocked. She used lemon and honey only for colds, but now for a challenge. It is different now, but this was healthy and better than drugs.

She had warm water with lemon and honey for whole year, in the mornings before breakfast. This was supposed to do miracles. Now she is happy and healthy, she never had one cold! She swore by this beverage and brought it everywhere with her. She became morning person for this, not coffee. She felt energized, so she promoted this lemon juice with 1 tsp honey too.

For this, boil the water, cool it and add lemon and honey. This can be more or less acidic, depends what you like. If half lemon is too much, use ¼ lemon.

It is healthy and beneficial.

The benefits

Better skin – lemon is amazing for the skin and works the blood flow an makes new red blood cells. Have this water every morning and make more skin collagen.

Better digestion – this works the liver and makes more bile for digestion of food and nutrients. Honey kills bacteria and stops infections. It boosts mucus too and detox.

No infections – the colon will work perfectly and stop digestion issues. This is diuretic too and cleans urinary tract from toxins. This drink can start the day nice so start today.

Source and imagesource: naturalhealthyteam.com