Kill Fleas With DIY Powder

This is DIY flea powder that removes fleas, ants, ticks, mites, flies, mosquitoes too. Remove toxin repellents and use this natural instead.

Many people are focused on this repellent which is natural flea powder. It was tested for proof already!

Many people use chemicals instead on their dogs and this can cause pet toxicity. Why use this all over the dog when the label says this must not touch your skin? This makes sense.

Good news is that DIY flea powder is tested and effective. It is safe for use and you have to check it and see for yourself.

Flea powder DIY recipe

You need:

A cup Food grade diatomaceous earth

Half cup yarrow powder

Half cup neem powder

20 drops eucalyptus oil (just for dogs)


Mix all items and put this in shaker with top, like mason jar with lid. Apply this from head to tail to the dog and its spine. Get this on the skin too and rub the legs and belly well.

Avoid nose and eyes. After that brush the fur opposite direction and apply the powder with puff.

How often is this done?

Use this monthly and during flea seasons (spring and summer). Apply again if the pet gets wet.

Infestation with fleas

If you notice this, apply more often. Frequency depends on severity itself. Apply every other day may be good, more or less.

For flea infestation, apply this on sofas, door sills, pet bedding, floors, windowsills. Let this work overnight and in the morning vacuum.

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