Keep Your Immunity High During The Upcoming Winter Season With These…

Although autumn and winter come with wonderful things such as beautiful leaves, comfortable sweaters and many holidays, they also carry many colds. Besides covering your mouth when sneezing, regular hand washing and vitamins, there are much more natural tricks to help boost immunity. Read what it’s all about…

How to defeat autumn and winter colds?

Eat more garlic

Perhaps the breath will not smell the best, but according to the latest research, garlic is a real fighter against bacteria and a boost of immunity. However, keep in mind that heat deactivates its powers, so if you cook with it, add it before feeding yourself, or place it in a cold salad to spice up other vegetables.

Sleep enough

Insufficient sleeping not only destroys immunity but also causes difficulties in combating viruses. According to a German study, sleep and biorhythm are strong regulators of immune processes. A prolonged lack of sleep leads to the production of cells that cause reduced immunity.

More exercise

As it becomes colder, the temptation to replace the gym in the gym with a hot blanket at home and watching movies is increasing. This is not a good idea because regular exercise is necessary for the normal functioning of the immune system. Exercise helps white blood cells circulate faster, which allows the immune system to quickly detect diseases and expel bacteria from the lungs. In addition, frequent exercise improves sleep, and as we have already said, it has a positive impact on health.

How to defeat autumn and winter colds?

Spend more time in the sun

Sleeping time is usually associated with summer, but it is very important that you receive sunlight even when the outside is cold. In addition to improving your mood, the sun can protect you from diseases. Exposure to sunlight activates T cells that play a very important role in the immune system in humans.

Laugh more

“Laughter is the best medicine” is not just a saying. Laughter really reduces the level of stress hormones and increases the number of white blood cells that fight infections. Take a few hours to watch some good comedy or a few minutes to smile with a few funny videos on the internet. It’s about your health!

Limit alcohol consumption

Do not worry, you do not have to give up your cup of wine that you drink before going to bed. But do not overdo it with alcohol because it leads to a disrupted immune system and an increased risk of pulmonary infections.