Items That We All Use Every Day And Their Expiration Dates!

The products that we use on daily basis don’t last forever. The household items must be replaced from time to time. In order to protect the health of all the members of the family some items must be replaced regularly like shoes, towels or car seats.

Every item in the household has its expiration date. Keep on reading to find out how long you can use specific items.

Items used every day and the expiration dates

  • Kitchen
  1. Spices – Expiration time 1 – 3 years

The spices lose the taste and the smell after some period of time. The expiration date of the ground spices is only 6 months.

  1. Flour – Expiration time 6 – 12 months

You can keep the first grade flour for 6 months and the high grade flour for 1 year.

  • Pantry
  1. Disinfectants – Expiration time 3 months

Disinfectants lose the effectiveness and power after only 3 months.

  1. Power strips – Expiration time 1 – 2 years

The power strips are located in the electrical center of the house. We plug all the electrical items every day like phone charger, electric kettle, laptop charger, tablet charger, toaster and many more. You need to remember that these strips have limitations and if you exceed the capacity of the power strips some serious problems can occur.

  1. Mosquito repellent – Expiration time 2 years

The mosquito repellents lose the effectiveness and become completely useless after 2 years. For best results replace them once a year.

  1. Fire extinguisher –Expiration time 1 – 2 years

The fire extinguisher needs to be inspected often and if you notice any damage to the extinguisher like cracks in the hose replace it immediately.

  • Wardrobe
  1. Running shoes – Expiration time 1 year

After 250 – 300 miles you need to change the running shoes because the cushioning starts to break down causing stress to the joints.

  1. Bra – Expiration time 1 – 2 years

After certain period of time and use the bra loses its shape and elasticity and becomes uncomfortable.  When this happens you need to replace the bra.

  • Dresser
  1. Eau De Toilette and perfumes – Expiration time 1 – 3 years

The expiration time of the Eau De Toilette and perfumes vary. If the Eau De Toilette is kept closed it can last for 4 years and only 2 years if is kept open. The perfumes can last for 2 years if they are kept open and 3 years if kept closed.

  1. Hairbrush – Expiration time 1 year

The hairbrushes need to be cleaned at least once a week and replaced every year.  If you use natural boar bristle brush replace it every 8 – 10 months.

  • Nursery
  1. Pacifier – Expiration time 2 – 5 weeks

You need to replace the pacifiers, especially those made of latex, regularly. The latex brakes and the germs grow in the cracks.

  1. Car seats – Expiration time 6 – 10 years

Over time the plastic and the foam of the child car seat deteriorate and the seat loses its shape and effectiveness in protecting the child. This is why it is recommended not to borrow car seats or use secondhand car seats for your children and buy a new one if this happens.

  • Bathroom
  1. Towels – Expiration time 1 – 3 years

We all hang the towels after showering to air dry. This is the worse think that we can do. The wet towels are the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

  1. Sponge – Expiration time 2 weeks

Shower poof – 6 months

Sponges, shower poofs and other shower utensils are the perfect environment for fungus and mold to grow. It`s very important not to use these items after their expiration time to clean yourself and to replace them regularly.

  1. Toothbrush – Expiration time 3 months

The toothbrush needs to be replaced every 3 months because the bristles wear down over time. You always need to use new toothbrush after you had the flu or you have been sick in order not to get sick again from the bacteria and germs on the toothbrush.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide – Expiration time 2 months

The hydrogen peroxide is widely used as a powerful disinfectant. You need to replace the bottle every 2 months because over time the solution degrades.

  • Bedroom
  1. Slippers – Expiration time 6 months

The slippers can become an ideal environment for fungi to grow and for spreading fungal infections.  You need to wash them as often as possible and replace them every 6 months.

  1. Pillows – Expiration time 2 – 3 years

When we sleep we roll the pillow, pull it and punch it every night until we find the wanted position. Over time the pillow loses its shape causing you neck pains. The pillows are also the best environment for disgusting dust mites. Replace the pillows every couple of years.

All of these household items and many more need to be replaced from time to time. Don’t ignore this advice and replace them immediately in order to protect your overall health and the health of your family.