My Husband Told Me Something And I Stopped Throwing The Seeds Of Watermelons

Mostly, we all think of the juicy fleshy part of watermelon, never the shell. This fruit has minerals and vitamins, but the shell is healthy too.

The white, hard, blunt part is better than the fruit. You will never throw it again, and in south east Asia and USA this is added in salads even.

The shell has vitamin A, C, B6, Mg, zinc, potassium. These give you energy and also lycopene. This is an antioxidant and the nutrition per the shell of it is 95%.

Benefits of watermelon peels

This shell also has citrulline the amino acids for healthy muscles. Due to this you can gain weight ONLY in muscle mass and the fibers and lipids will make more weight loss.

Another thing for citrulline is less anxiety and soothed nerves. It is like diuretic and removes edema. Ingesting this boosts immunity.

It has no aroma or taste, but how to eat it?

Chunk it up and add this in tuna, salads, turkey breast or mix it 2 times daily.

No more throwing this fruit. Use it all the way!

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