Heart Surgeon Reveals The Real Cause Of Heart Disease!

For decades doctors and surgeons have claimed that high cholesterol is the cause of heart diseases. All this time, high cholesterols was treated with medications for reducing the levels of cholesterol and with diet based on low fat intake. But, scientists have recently discovered that heart disease is not caused by high cholesterol levels. The real cause is something way different from cholesterol.

This recent research showed that the real reason for heart disease is arterial inflammation. This discovery shook up the medical community. The dietary recommendations have created even bigger problems because they resulted in a worldwide epidemic of diabetes and obesity. The statistics show that in the USA only, ¼ of the adult population takes medications for lowering the cholesterol or statins. The same data also show that in the USA 75 million citizens suffer from heart disease and 20 million from diabetes. Each year the number of young patients suffering from heart disease is rising and this is clearly showing that cholesterol is not the reason for this type of diseases.

The real cause is the inflammation. The inflammation is actually very beneficial because it`s the natural reaction of the body to invaders. Since we are constantly exposed to toxins the body is not able to fight and process all the foreign invaders and the inflammation becomes chronic. This condition has direct consequences to the health and heart.

Unfortunately, we are the ones causing the chronic inflammation with the unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy diet. The constant consumption of inflammatory products and foods rich in fat and sugar is harmful for the health. This type of diet leads to development of chronic inflammation and different diseases like diabetes and heart diseases.  Another factor for the increased numbers of heart disease patients is the low fat diet which is highly recommended as a treatment for high cholesterol levels.

The unhealthy foods that we all consume almost daily are causing big damage to our health. It doesn’t matter where and how the inflammation is caused, what matters is that the inflammation can and will damage the health seriously. These types of foods affect the arteries and bit by bit the inflammation increases and serious medical conditions occur as a result.

The cinnamon rolls, for example, are maybe the worst food for the health. They contain high amounts of carbs and sugar which increase the risk of many medical conditions and diseases. The consumption of sweets and sugar increases the levels of sugar in the blood vary fast. This causes the pancreas to produce insulin which is a hormone that regulates the levels of glucose in the blood. This causes a chain reaction. The constant intake of sugar makes the pancreas to produce high amounts of insulin which results in high amounts of glucose which, on the other hand, gets converted into fat.  The sugar molecules attach themselves to the proteins which can damage the artery walls causing increase of the inflammation and in time it can damage the blood vessels beyond repair.

The sweet rolls also contain high amounts of omega 6 fatty acids because they are usually baked in soybean oil.  This type of oil contains high amounts of these acids which are used for increasing the shelf life of the products. Although omega 6 acids are beneficial, they must be in perfect balance in the body with the omega 3 acids. If these acids are not balanced, the inflammation will increase due to the production of cytokines produced by the cellular membranes.

The ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids in the western diet is 30:1. This diet is extremely high on omega 6 fatty acids and this is really concerning. This type of diet increases the weight and the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

Increasing the intake of processed foods increases the risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. The only way to lower the risk of developing some of these diseases is to change the diet and start consuming more natural foods. In order to reduce and eliminate the inflammation consume more carbs from vegetables and fruits and use olive oil or grass-fed butter instead of sunflower or soybean oils for cooking.

Animal fat or saturated fat shouldn’t be excluded from the diet because they don’t cause heart diseases. They contain low amounts of omega 6 acids, so they don’t cause inflammation. Saturated fat doesn’t affect and increase the levels of cholesterol in the blood also.

The low fat diet has caused much worse conditions. Controlling the cholesterol with this diet has increased the numbers of heart diseases patients worldwide.  In order to improve the overall health and to reduce and eliminate inflammation the main thing to do is to avoid processed foods and consume home cooked meals with plenty of natural ingredients, vegetables and fruits.

Source: organichealthcorner.com