Guyabano Is Anti-cancer Fruit That Pharmacies Hide All The Time

The soursop tree is seen in Caribbean, Central America, Africa, South America and south east Asia too. It fights cancer and this was proved in animal tests. Believe us this Is better than chemo.

This fruit is not famous since it is the real cancer cure.

How does this cure cancer?

This fruit keeps infections and immunity in check and balance

Fights cancer, naturally and has no side effects like weight loss, nausea and such

You have strength and energy.

A study from journal of Natural Products back in 1996 said these seeds  select cytotoxicity and are better than chemo meds.

Studies said this fruit is also good for more energy and immunity.

It kills 12  cancer types

Another study said the extracts fight cancer cells of colon, prostate, breast and lungs.

This was made by a big producer of drugs and there were made more than 20 tests in the 70s.

  • Death of cancer in over 12 types
  • Extracts were 1000 times better than chemo drugs
  • It kills just sick cells, not healthy

Other benefits

Besides cancer death, this also has minerals, vitamins;

  • Thiamin for converting sugar to energy
  • Calcium for bones
  • Niacin for cholesterol
  • Riboflavin for headaches
  • Iron for anemia
  • Fibers for no constipation and safety of the fetus. Folic acid is recommended for mothers and babies too and also it reduces PMS signs and water retention.

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