Get Rid Of Bacteria, Plaque And Bad Breath With Just 1 Ingredient!

One very simple and easy method which gives amazing results in the process of detoxifying and rejuvenating is the Ayurveda method known ad Oil pulling.

The oil pulling is very easy to do. All you need is little bit of unrefined oil and mouthwash. The best oil to use for this purpose is the coconut oil.  Swish the oil in the mouth for 20 minutes.

This method is very good for the oral health. It eliminates toxins, parasites, bacteria, mucus of the sinuses and throat, cleans the lymph and eliminates congestion.

The oil, combined with the saliva, eliminates the toxins because they stick to the oil. This method is great for the teeth also. It makes the gums stronger, re-mineralizes the teeth and cleans the mouth cavity.

Earlier it was used the virgin olive oil for this method. Today it`s used the coconut oil because of its numerous beneficial properties. The coconut oil is enzymatic and eliminates inflammations and kills bacteria. In the process of eliminating the bacteria the good probiotics remain intact.

Leave the coconut oil in a room temperature to melt just a little bit. Take 1 or ½ tablespoon of the coconut oil and put it in the mouth. Pull the oil between the teeth and gums allowing the oil to stick to every part in the mouth cavity. Do not gargle with and be careful not to swallow it accidentally.

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