For General Healing Use Castor Oil And Baking Soda

Even in the past people knew the benefits of castor oil, it is known that castor oil has many uses in medicine and treats even 24 health issues.

Ricinus communis the castorbean or castor oil plant  is 50% castor oil and contains ricinoleic acid. Even in the ancient times in ancient Egypt people than used castor oil for purging, and also for better blood flow and skin beauty. It is known that castor oil is beneficial for removing joint pain and improving blood circulation. When applying it you need  hot water bottle, kitchen paper towel and gauze, for best results you need to apply it as compress.

What you should do is, clean the affected area on the skin with water and baking soda. After that soak the gauze in castor oil and than apply it on the skin. After that take some kitchen foil and wrap it around and put the bottle over this. Leave it like that for an hour and than wash the skin with water. You should repeat this every 40 days.

This also helps with digestion issues, liver, PMS, varicose veins and more.

Here are the biggest benefits of castor oil:

For stretch marks, massage the castor oil on the affected area,

For hair growth massage the scalp with castor oil, and the same way you can heal bruises, wounds and cuts,

For removing nicotine and curing alcoholism you should sip two drops of castor oil,

For lightening skin, you should mix castor oil with baking soda,

For allergy, take five drops,

You can use castor oil for pilonidal cysts removal,

For ankle pain and sprains you should massage the ankles with castor oil,

For tinnitus, have three drops with water for a period of 4 months,

For nodules and thickening cords, rub the throat and neck with castor oil,

For conjunctivitis and allergy you should apply castor oil on the lids before sleep,

For lumbar issues and cervix pain, apply castor oil n the back,

For wax plugs, you should put one drop of castor oil in the ear,

For cataracts, put one drop of castor oil in the eye,

For calluses, massage the feet soles with castor oil,

You can put one drop of castor oil on insect bites to remove itching,

For snoring, rub some castor oil on your chest,

For curing diarrhea, apply castor oil on the belly,

For relaxing and soothing muscles, you should apply lavender and castor oil,

You can remove warts by rubbing them with castor oil,

You can make alkalinity mixed when mixing castor oil with baking soda,

You can use castor oil to remove fungi and athlete’s foot,

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