Frozen Lemons – Health Benefits And Ways To Use Them!

The lemons are one of the most powerful and beneficial citrus fruits.  They have a lot of beneficial properties which are very helpful in the treatment of various medical conditions.

The best way to use the lemons and to enjoy all the beneficial properties of this fruit is to use them frozen.

Keep on reading to find out why.

People usually use just the lemon juice not knowing that the peel is actually very healthy and beneficial. The peel contains elements which are great for the health. They normalize the cholesterol levels, improve the immune system functioning and they can even prevent and stop the growth of cancer cells.

The lemon peels have powerful antimicrobial properties which can eliminate fungal and bacterial infections and they can eliminate intestinal worms and parasites.

Lemons are also the key element in every method of detoxification of the organism.

The beneficial properties of the frozen lemons!

The consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits is essential for lowering the risks of developing some very serious illnesses.

Here are the benefits of the lemons and why you should use them. Lemons are good for:

  • Eliminating infections
  • Improving the functioning of the immune system
  • Eliminating bacteria
  • Reducing the risk of stroke
  • Treating stress and depression
  • Cancer prevention
  • Asthma prevention
  • Kidney and liver cleansing

Frozen lemons for the treatment of cancer

The lemons are rich in vitamins and nutrients. The juice contains the vitamin C and the peels contain the nutrients.

It is shown that the lemon peels are very powerful in eliminating and destroying the toxic waste from the organism and this is why they are used in the treatment of cancer.

Many studies have shown that the lemons and cancer have a very close relationship.  After many years of research the experts have proven that the lemons can actually destroy cancer cells.

Since 1970, more than 20 conducted tests revealed that the frozen lemons can destroy cancer cells, malignant cells, in 12 cancer types such as breast, lung, pancreas, prostate and colon cancer.

Studies also show that the frozen lemons are even better and more efficient than chemotherapy in the process of eliminating the cancer.

On top of this they are even better because they are completely natural products and much healthier than chemotherapy and in the process of eliminating the cancer cells the lemon extract doesn`t affect the healthy cells.

The properties of the frozen lemons

According to the well-known women`s health expert and nutritionist Dr. Marilyn Glenville this fruit, especially the lemon peel is great for the health and the entire body. As to Dr. Marilyn Glenville the majority of the antioxidants of the lemons are concentrated in the marrow or husk and not in the pulp of the lemons. She also said that it`s much better to make and consume lemon shakes made with the entire fruit, the peels included, and not just the lemon juice, in order to get all the nutrients from the lemons.

The lemon peels are not usually used because of the bitter taste, but there is a way to eliminate the taste and use them for you to get all that the lemons contain.

Here is the recipe how to make and use the frozen lemons.

The first thing to do is disinfect and wash the lemons. So, soak the lemons for couple of minutes in some baking soda or apple cider vinegar.

Rinse them with water and freeze the lemons.

When they are fully frozen grate them including everything: peel, pulp and seeds.

Put the grated lemons in ice cubes trays and freeze them. You can use the cubes of grated lemons every time you need a citrus flavor for your meals. You can add them in salads, yogurt, ice cream, pasta sauces and soups.

Also you can add some grated lemons in the tea, juice or shakes.

There are endless possibilities for you to use the lemons in your everyday diet and enjoy all the benefits of the lemons and improve your overall health.

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