FDA Confirms The Presence Of Monsanto RoundUp Weed Killer Residues In The Oatmeal Baby Foods!

The recent report released by the US FDA shows that a harmful pesticide is present in almost everything that we eat. The residue of this pesticide is found in many different types of oat products, even in flavored and plain oats.

According to the released data a lot of instant oat brands contain high amounts of the chemical called glyphosate. It was found even in the banana – strawberry type. This harmful chemical was found in the “Cinnamon spice oatmeal” and in the “Maple brown sugar” which are very popular among consumers. The tested oatmeal products contained 1.67 ppm of glyphosate. The Organic oats didn’t contain this chemical.

Glyphosate is a chemical and main compound of the most popular weed killer known as Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide. In 2015 this chemical was classified as carcinogen by the experts and it was associated with several different cancer types.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency glyphosate is safe for consumption. The safe levels of glyphosate in the food are 30 ppm. In Europe the allowed levels are lower and set on 20 ppm.

Monsanto was the one insisting on determining the guideline levels of this chemical in the food. The company has developed few crops that can be sprayed with the chemical. So, oats can be sprayed with the weed killer before harvesting, although they are not GMO crop. The pre-harvesting strategy helps control the perennial weeds much easily and also facilitates the early harvesting.

The leading oats producer in the world is Canada. In Canada, this agricultural company claims that the GMO crops are not harmful and that they are completely safe for consumption. According to Monsanto, using RoundUp on the crops is actually beneficial.

On the other hand there are a lot of cases that associate glyphosate with a lot of serious diseases and even cancer, so it`s not something you need to ignore.

Source: organichealthcorner.com