The Face Can Show What You Lack From Nutrients

Usually we all check for vitamin deficits and do blood tests that cost a lot. They show what we lack and what we need more. But there is another easier way to see this. It is free! The face will tell you what you need.

Paleness– this means you lack vitamin B12. See the tongue if is smooth all along, this is one sign. Also memory issues, fatigue are others. Eat organic poultry, wild fish and grass fed  meats.

Bad hair– if you have dandruff and brittle or dry hair, you lack biotin B7 which is made from too much antibiotics that damage intestine bacteria that bonds with biotin. Eat cauliflower, yolks, mushrooms.

Puffy eyes-this and bloated legs are iodine deficit. Brittle nails too, weight gain, dryness of skin…salt is the main iodine source but also salt water fish, sea veggies, seaweed.

Pale lips– pale lips and gums mean iron deficit. This is seen more in women than men. If you taste dirt in the mouth, ice or clay when you eat, you need iron so eat meat, fish, spinach and dry beans.

Bleeding/tender gums– aching and bleeding gums mean lack of vitamin C. this is vital since it cures muscle aches, scurvy too that makes falling off teeth. Eat C foods like red pepper, watermelon, kiwi, papaya, mango, cantaloupe, berries, citrus.

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