How Your Face Can Easily Reveal Exactly What Part Of The Body Is Suffering!

In the past, Chinese nonconventional medicine practitioners did not depend on anything apart from the face to be able to detect the actual symptoms and signs associated with any illness or ailment. They understood exactly how to see the symptoms of any kind of illness on the very face, and concluded that the rashes, acne or even redness are all signs associated with some type of issue with the internal organs. According to Conventional Chinese Medicine, all of the organs within our body tend to be interconnected, and also any kind of issue with them initially comes out on your skin. Even though the face reading techniques have been lost in the course of history, this is a pretty accurate method for diagnosing a number of problems if you know the way to read it.

The technique for face mapping can easily identify exactly what you are struggling with by studying your face. This unique, safe, noninvasive method is far more dependable than you might believe and can help you to identify any type of problem as well as treat it promptly. The areas where the pimples or rashes appear are able to tell you the thing that is causing the issues.

Here is how you can read the signs and symptoms of nearly every type of ailment on the face:

  • Acne breakouts on your cheeks
  • Bacterial accumulation;
  • Smoking;
  • Coming in contact with dirt or touching your face frequently with unclean hands.
  • Acne breakouts on your T-zone
  • Alcohol abuse;
  • Bad blood circulation;
  • An excessive amount of caffeine.
  • Acne breakouts on your jaw, chin as well as neckline
  • Yeast infection;
  • Abnormal starch intake;
  • Hormonal imbalances;
  • Too much sugar intake.
  • Face mapping through internal organs

Certain places on the face tend to be linked to specific organs in your body. By finding the exact area of the acne breakouts on your skin, you may identify problems related to the particular body organ. Here is exactly how that is done:

Liver – acne in the area between the eyebrows

Whenever you eat a lot of meat, your own stomach works overtime in order to digest it all. This will certainly overwork that body organ and lead to acne between your eyebrows. To correct this problem, you need to avoid eating greasy kinds of meats and begin eating a balanced and healthy diet based on fruits and veggies. Be sure to invest some time outside on the clean air too.

Bladder along with small intestinal tract – acne breakouts on your forehead

Acne over the forehead is usually related with failures of the small intestinal tract and the bladder. This is brought on by constantly eating lots of fatty meals and taking in insufficient fibers in what you eat. Stress, as well as alcohol abuse, may also cause the poor digestion along with the toxic accumulation, which will present itself in the form of acne breakouts on your forehead.

Kidney as well as lung issues – acne breakouts on your cheeks

Acne breakouts over the cheeks are generally a result of bad hygiene or any kind of issue with the lungs or the kidneys. To be able to repair the problem, ensure that you pay much more attention to your own personal hygiene and steer clear of consuming a lot of sugars.

Lung problems – acne breakouts within the upper section of the cheeks

Acne breakouts on the top portion of the cheekbones is a positive indication of pollution or cigarette smoking. Simply stop the cigarette smoking and stay away from going out when there is high air pollution to be able to make all of them disappear.

Heart issues – acne breakouts around the nasal area

Acne on the nose implies that you are eating too much sodium which can result in a variety of heart problems. Lower your sodium consumption, start working out and implement a new and healthy diet to get rid of them all.

Stomach issues – acne breakouts around the chin as well as mouth

Acne around the chin and the mouth are often produced by eating too many fats and excessive drinking. You should add a couple of fermented meals in your current diet and begin leading a new and healthier lifestyle to be able to correct the issues.

Hormonal imbalances – acne breakouts on your neck and jaw

Acne around the jaw, as well as the neck, are generally a consequence of some sort of hormonal imbalance which could cause a lot of problems in the human body. To put the hormones in line, you need to start having a healthier way of life and start eating healthier foods as well. Lowering your caffeine as well as sodium consumption will help a lot as well.