Eliminate Uric Acid With This Simple Recipe!

Uric acid is created when the purines in the proteins collapse causing the cells to dissolve. The inability of the kidneys to eliminate the uric acid from the organism causes accumulation of the uric acids in the body.

The accumulated uric acid creates various salts in the body also called urates which can be harmful once they spread through the body. The worst of them all is the monosodium urate. When this urate reaches the joints causes the appearance of the condition called gout.

The elimination of the uric acid from the body can be done naturally. There are a lot of various vegetables and fruits like celery, beets, potatoes, lettuce and cucumber which contain low levels of purine and they can reduce the levels of uric acids in the body.

One of the best vegetables for the elimination of the uric acid is the cucumber juice because it has properties which can eliminate the joint inflammation.

Here is the recipe for the cucumber juice and how to prepare it.


1 cucumber – medium size

1 inch ginger root piece

2 stalks of celery

A slice of lemon


Wash and cut all the ingredients into small slices and put them in a blender. Strain the mixture and the juice is ready.

Drink the juice 2 times a day and very fast you will notice the improvements.

The cucumber juice has a lot of beneficial properties and it can remove toxins and reduce high basal temperature. It makes the body alkaline and it can remove uric crystals accumulated in the joints and eliminate uric acids from the blood.

All of these ingredients are very powerful for the detoxification of the body.

The celery and the ginger eliminate inflammations.

If you feel tingling that means that the juice is doing its job in the process of elimination of the uric acids.

Source and imagesource: organichealthuniverse.com