Eliminate Sciatica And Get Rid Of Back Pain Forever With Just 1 Completely Natural Remedy!

The thickest and the biggest nerve in the body is the sciatic nerve and when it`s irritated or pinched it can cause pain in the legs, buttocks and lower back. This condition is known as Sciatica.

It is one of the most common back problems and it is characterized by devastating pain, numbness and tingling in the legs.

Eliminating the symptoms and the pain it`s possible with different drugs but the results are always temporary.  According to some experts for reducing and getting rid of the sciatic pain you should exercise more and do yoga because some of the movements can help you in the treatment of this painful condition.

In order to find out if what you have is actually sciatica you need to know the main symptoms of this condition.

The symptoms are:

Pain that starts in the lower back or hip which spreads to the legs and buttocks

Aggravated pain when you are sited

Numbness, weakness in the legs and difficulty moving them

Leg tingling

Stabbing pain sensation when you move or stand

Buttock pain that is constant

For treating this condition you can try some homemade natural remedies which are even more effective than some medicines.

Here is the recipe for the natural back pain cure:



200 ml. of milk

4 garlic cloves


First of all crush the cloves of garlic and put them in a pen at low hit to cook. Slowly incorporate the milk and cook the two ingredients until it stats to boil and turn the heat off.

Add some honey as a sweetener and if you want do reduce the taste of garlic.  Take the remedy once a day. Very soon you will see the improvements and the pain will start to go away.

This remedy has great properties which are anti-inflammatory because it contains garlic which we all know has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  It will reduce and completely eliminate the swelling of the nerve and it will eliminate the pain.

Don`t forget! If you suffer from sciatica you must exercise and stretch the body every day for just a few minutes. The combination of the physical activity and this natural remedy will help you get rid of this condition and to live pain-free.

Source and imagesource: healthandlovepage.com