Eliminate Belly Bloating With These Natural And Very Effective Remedies!

When your belly is bloated it usually means that you have a digestive problem. The statistics show that more than 70 % of the male population suffers from constipation, IBS or irritable bowel syndrome and bloating. This condition is not very easy to resolve. In order to eliminate the problem completely you must make some lifestyle changes and also dietary changes.

One of the reasons that can cause bloating is the weight gain and today a very big percentage of the population worldwide suffers from this condition. The weight gain is mainly result of an unhealthy diet. The consumption of unhealthy foods and soft drinks constantly can cause different digestive problems, bloating included. The consumption of products that contain raffinose which is a complex sugar like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage create gasses in the intestines which cause bloating.

The excess sodium in the diet can also cause bloating. This mineral is contained in almost every type of food that we consume daily. It binds to the water in the organism and causes fluid retention.

Not drinking enough water is also a reason for bloating. When we don’t drink enough water the hormonal balance in the body is disrupted and bloating occurs. It is recommended to drink 2 – 3 liters of water on daily bases in order to avoid this problem and many others.

The bloating can be eliminated naturally by exercising or doing yoga. The sweating accelerates the process.

In order to have proper digestion you also need to consume foods rich in fiber. The consumption of sodium can be reduced by making your own meals.

In some rare cases the bloating can be a mental problem. In this case you need to see a psychologist in order to find and resolve the problem.

Bloating can be treated with a lot of completely natural remedies.

  • Ginger

The ginger root has very long history of use for treating digestive problems, bloating included. It is a very powerful remedy for digestion.  Also it contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties which relax the intestinal muscles. Just cut couple of slices of the ginger root and put them in water. Boil them for 10 minutes. Next strain the mixture and drink the liquid. Take 3 cups daily. This will prevent and eliminate bloating. You can also boost the digestion by consuming 1 tsp. of grated ginger.

  • Peppermint

Menthol is one of the compounds of peppermint. This anti-spasmodic compound soothes the digestive tract. The consumption of peppermint leaves can stimulate the bile production which improves the digestion and it can help in case of gallbladder problems. In order to prevent bloating you can drink couple of glasses of peppermint tea or simply chew some peppermint leaves.

  • Bananas

Bloating, constipation and other digestive problems can be treated with the consumption of bananas which contain high amounts of fiber. Bananas contain also potassium which balances the fluid levels in the body and helps in case of bloating. As prevention you can eat 1 banana a day.

  • Activated charcoal

Bloating can be treated with activated charcoal. Activated charcoal traps in the holes on the surface the gasses which are caused by the bacteria in the intestines. Activated charcoal can be found in any pharmacy and in different forms, capsules or powder.

  • Lemon water

Starting the day with 1 glass of lemon water as soon as you wake up in the mornings eliminates the toxins accumulated in the tissues and keeps the body perfectly hydrated. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and B, proteins, carbs, calcium, phosphorus and potassium which are all very important for the digestion. This method will boost the digestion, so it will eliminate and prevent many digestive problems.

All of these methods and natural remedies are very effective for eliminating bloating. They all have positive results when it comes to boosting the digestion and preventing different problems caused by the improper digestion.

Source: organichealthcorner.com