Detox Through The Feet

Detox baths are amazing and give health. to revive tired feet and look good, this is it. for sandal season do this and read more. And healthy feet are pretty feet. Bath relaxes you and warms you.

But, try this before bed to rest them better. Recipes are simple and natural.

Salt detox – a cup Epsom, cup sea salt, two cups of baking soda and water. Add all items and put it in jar aside. In the tub add water and acv. Then add the previous mix and essential oils. Soak like this for 30 min and you might get dizzy after it. it is normal. Also resolves skin issues

Clay detox baths or feet – get half cup bentonite clay, ½ cup Epsom, essential oil of choice and first add the Epsom in the tub water and then the oils. In some water mix the clay and smoothen this. Do not use metal. Plastic or wood is fine. add this mix in the bath and soak 20 min. or even make clay paste with water. For the mask use, rub this on the whole body and then dry it. for the soak, with cloth scrub the skin. Clay binds to heavy metals and Epsom detoxes you

Oxygen bath – get 2 cups hydrogen, spoon ginger powder. Add hot water in the tub and add the items mentioned. Soak half an hour and cleanse. Also helps in allergy

Feet pads – these are of bamboo and you can get them in health stores. They are made in Japan. Put them before sleep and this is the trick. With one use, the pads will be darker. You will feel less fatigue, pain and headaches

Ionic bath – this detoxes the feet good. They use electricity and make positive and negative ions in salty hot water. This is named electrolysis and with electricity chemical work happens. Water breaks down and opens the pores, salt removes inflammation and ions get in you for the detox. Water will become muddy and dark. Thus ionic cartridge is acted by the salt and color will change.

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Warmer bath is better

If the water has fluorine and chlorine, add spoon bentonite clay to absorb toxins there

Use any natural item freely

All batches can be tripled for more use.

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