The Dangers Of Microwaves And The Illnesses That They Can Cause!

During the World War II two scientists made the magnetron which is the tube for producing microwave power. The magnetron in combination with the British radar system made the microwaves that located the Nazi airplanes and prevent potential bombings.

Years later a member of the Raytheon Company, the military industrial complex, Percy Lebaron Spencer found out that these ovens can be used for cooking food. This discovery lead to the creation of the first microwave oven called Radar Range.

The microwave ovens are 2.45 billion hertz. If they don’t leak they are not dangerous. Still, when it`s working keep your distance because it has been proven that even 10 hertz can be dangerous for the health.

Studies show that the use of microwaves has some side effects. Here are some of them:


Increased risk of diseases

Weak immunity


Reduced bacteria and viruses resistance

Birth defects

The microwaves also affect the food prepared in it.

A study from 1922 conducted by Search for Health showed that microwaves can cause elevated levels of cholesterol, lower levels of white blood cells, anemia and less hemoglobin, cell damages, poisoning and increased levels of leukocytes.

According to the Swiss expert Hans Hertel nutrients are removed from the food if prepared in the microwaves.

The radiation from the microwaves creates radioactive compounds and deforms the molecules of the food.

Microwaved baby formula contains altered amino acids which can lead to many abnormalities.

Microwaved breast milk has 96% less antibodies.

The exposure to EMFs from the microwaves is bad for the health and it can cause serious health problems. That’s why these ovens are considered to be health risks.

According to the EPA the allowed exposure to EMF is 5 mG – 2.5 mG. Three feet distance means exposure of 1 – 25 mG and 4 inches is exposure of 100 – 500 mG.

Although the microwaves are very convenient for saving time when cooking, we should all limit the use of the microwaves in order to protect our health.

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