Cleanse Toxins Off The Liver, Cure Diabetes, Remove Cholesterol And Asthma With Just 2 Items

People in UK and Philippines name this okra, in Caribbean is okro and Nigeria too, and this is a plant with pods and seeds also named lady fingers.

1 cup okra is 30 calories, 3 g fiber, protein 2 g, and 7.6 g carbs. Also 0.1 g fat, 21 mg vitamin C, 80 mcg folate and magnesium 60 mg. this is a veggie that is healthy and found in any place.

The best part is that benefits are gotten all year round in any shape: boiled, stewed, fried, pickled.

It can alleviate asthma, lower bad cholesterol, boost immunity, cure kidney issues, remove diabetes, reduce glucose and more.

The recipe for sugar control

Take 4 okras, remove tails and heads, put them (3) in glass of water to sit for the night. In the morning filtrate the water and drink it 30 min prior breakfast. This will level the sugar.

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