Be Careful If You See These In Your Home! And Talk To A Doctor If You Do

 A warning was issued from the CDC on the latest scare, bug Triatomine or kissing bug. This can kill a human.

This bug is looking friendly but it transmits the parasite trupanosoma cruzi. It is deadly and enters inside us. It causes Chagas that affects 8 million people.

Chagas damages the heart and even makes lethal states. Signs are not showing at first, but show 2 months after the bug goes in. Signs are fever, large lymph glands, headaches, hard breathing, muscle pain. Looks like serious case of flu.

When this happens also skin lesions and eyelid swelling are seen.

10% notice indigestion and 30% heart problems.

There is still no immunization but early curing is 100% effective.

Keep everyone safe and spray the home around.

If the person rubs the bite, illness will spread more with the bug’s feces.

In the North of USA the biggest risk is in NE and NY.

Keep an eye on these places:

Rocks around the house

Chicken coop

Dog cage

Stony areas

Advice and tips

Seal windows and cracks, walls, doors…

Remove wood piles or stone ones

Avoid puddles/ponds

Keep house impeccably clean

No yard lights near the house

Cal Department of Health if you see this bug

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