Calculate How Much Water You Need To Drink According To Your Body Weight!

Water is essential for our existence. Our bodies are consisted of 60 % water but every day we lose big part of the water through urine and sweating.

It`s important to know that the amount of water needed for your body depends on the activity and the weight. According to we lose daily up to 4 cups through sweating, breathing and bowels and 6.3 cups through urine. Small percentage of the water, maybe 20 % a day, we take it from the food but this is not enough.

Since the water is essential for the entire body, weight and health we need to make up the lost water quantity in the body. So, the question is how much water the body needs according to the weight. You can find out very easily.  The amount needed is actually ½ of the weight and it needs to be taken every day. For example if you weight 100 lbs. you need to take daily 50 oz. of water but if you are not physically active divide the weight by 2/3.

80 lbs. – 40 oz.

100 lbs. – 50 oz.

120 lbs. – 60 oz.

140 lbs. – 70 oz.

160 lbs. – 80 oz.

180 lbs.-  90 oz.

200 lbs. – 100 oz.

And so on.

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