Burn Off Fat And Reduce Weight By Adding Coconut Essential Oil Mixture Into Your Coffee Every Morning

Including some fat or even oil into the first mug of coffee isn’t a thing someone would likely do. All of us agree, the concept sounds unpleasant, but including a top quality fat, coconut oil in your daily cup of coffee offers incredible advantages for your health!

In case you put any coconut oil in your coffee, you are going to increase your metabolic process as well as start burning up more body fat than ever previously. Coconut oil consists of medium-chain essential fatty acids that are digested differently than the actual long-chain essential fatty acids located in some other oils and they are safer as well as healthier for the cardiovascular system. Specialists have discovered the fact that adding one teaspoon medium-chain essential fatty acids from a resource such as a coconut oil may boost the power expenditure from the body up to 5%, meaning burning approximately 120 additional calories each day. Start consuming a mug of coffee with coconut oil each day, and you will certainly improve your health in general and look too.

Below you can find a formula for a tasty coffee which includes coconut essential oil, that, whenever paired with a proper breakfast, may boost your stamina and help you begin the day correctly.

Here’s how you can prepare it:

Required products

  • ¾ mug of coconut oil
  • one teaspoon cinnamon
  • one teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 teaspoon of cacao powder
  • ½ a mug of organic honey


Blend all the components in a dish, then place the mixture within a glass container. Brew two cups of your preferred coffee, and include a couple of tsps. of the blend and mix all together in a food blender for about five seconds. Consume this special coffee every early morning with your snack and you will certainly burn much more calories throughout the day.

Source: organichealthcorner.com