Brands Of Olive Oil To Avoid. It`s Fake!

The Olive oil, one of the healthiest products, it`s not what it once was. The olive oil industry, for gaining more profits, corrupted their product by mixing it with other oils like canola or sunflower oil.

Now apparently 70% of the olive oils sold in the markets in USA are not pure olive oil.

The same thing happened in Italy in 2008 when the police conducted the Golden Oil operation. 85 oil farms ware closed because it was proven that they ware modifying the olive oil by adding flavor, colors and odors and mixing it with canola oil and sunflower oil

This was the reason for the government of Australia to conduct an investigation of the olive oil produced and sold in their country and the results were disappointing.

In 2012, after this investigation, not even one extra virgin olive oil producing company was able to get the certificate of approval.

The study by the University of California, in which ware tested 124 imported olive oils, showed that over 70% of the samples ware corrupted and modified.

Brands that didn’t pass the test:










Whole Foods


Antica Badia


Felippo Berio

These are safe to use and passed the test:



Cobram Estate


Corto Olive

Olea Estates

California Olive Branch


Bariani Olive oil

McEvoy Ranch Organic

Kirkland Organic

You can conduct your own test at home. Put the bottle of olive oil in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Take the bottle out of the fridge and if the oil is solid that means that it is pure olive oil. But if it`s liquid it means that it`s fake.

Also, just to be sure, check the label for the certificate of approval like California Olive Oil Council Certified Extra Virgin, Australian Extra Virgin Certified or others.

Support the real producers of olive oil and don’t spend your money on brands that modify the products with different additives and GMO because your health is more important than their profits.

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