Boil Bananas Before Sleep And Have The Water From Cooking Them – Amazing Effects

Everyone wants insomnia issues cured and no more sleepless nights with tossing all the time. Sleep of 8 hours seems impossible. In this case, your mind is not calm, you need desperate sleep and also wait for the daylight…

I have had many nights like this, so I decided to do something. I solved this with this amazing homemade tea. This even improved my cycle too.

Insomnia is always due to stress or depression.

Every night, I would sleep and always end up awake. Regardless of work or family issues, I could never relax. If the mind is active, you will never get sleep. Some medicines also trigger insomnia.

Antihistamines, pressure and heart meds, painkillers all make problems. Some meds make you sleepy but at start, they even make more toilet visits and stress more.

All in all it is time to make some changes.

Tea of banana

Easy and simple, have a few items you have in the kitchen and use them!

Organic and banana taste tea that is healthy and tasty.

The peel of banana has potassium and magnesium. Mg is useful for sleep issues and both these minerals keep all the body overall healthy and muscles relaxed.

Mg is probably the best mineral for this!

Keep in mind, this recipe needs organic bananas. Those not organic have pesticides in the peel so careful!

You need 10 min for this and enjoy it after that.

You need:

1 banana

A pot of water

Cinnamon, a dash


Cut off the tail and head of the banana, peel it and put this in the pot. Heat this up for 10 min and take a colander, put the water in a cup and also cinnamon inside now. Hour before sleep, drink up.

Boiled banana is amazing term! When this is done boiling, cinnamon is added and nothing goes to waste.

This warm tea calms you and relaxes. Also tasty a lot!

Why are sleeping pills bad for health?

Many people take these meds from despair, and many USA people have insomnia. But the trouble is in pills being addictive and short term help.

Many such meds are drugs basically not cures. They are named sedative hypnotics. Set these aside, another such drug is benzodiazepines and baribiturate too. Valium and Xanax also make addiction and heal anxiety too. Barbiturates make depression of nerves and are strong sedatives.

Sleep meds have side effects too. Apart from addiction, also:

  • Constipation
  • Parasomnia
  • No focus and memory
  • Weakness
  • Strange shaking
  • Dizziness

Also, sleep meds make irregular breaths. If you have lung issues like COPD and asthma, these are dangerous and fatal even.

How lack of sleep affects us?

Sleep less than 8 hours is really bad. When you lack rest under 8 hours, you start to suffer. Cognition and memory are the most affected.

Can you work well without sleep?

Seems ok but is impossible.

Processing is a big challenge, impossible without rest. The worst part is serious health issues linked to lack of sleep like obesity, cancer, diabetes…

Find what impairs your sleep and do all things to remove this cause. I cannot wait every night to go to bed now!

In the show by Dr. Oz, I saw the cure for insomnia. This tea was it and I am amazed of it. some love it, some hate it, try it and see!

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