The Amazing Benefits Of Daily Coconut Water

Coconut has many benefits and is made of green coconuts so every nut has 200-1000 ml equals 4 cups.

This is tasty and with low calories. It is nutritious and better than ripe coconut.

It has amino acids, vitamin C, enzymes, antioxidants, manganese, zinc, iron, calcium, B complex, Mg.

They make you stronger and the plant has cytokine for fighting cancer and no thrombosis.

Get fresh and never bottled water. Consume it in smoothies and the benefits are:

Less headaches – migraine is due to dehydration, but this drink has electrolytes for hydration and Mg too.

Blood sugar regulation – it has amino acids for sugar in blood and insulin regulation. It makes better blood flow, no numbness and atherosclerosis. It reduces oxidation stress and reduces glucose.

No hypertension – it has vitamin C, Mg, potassium and this removes sodium damage. In 2005 was said this controls pressure so have this 2 times daily.

Rehydrating – for the summer this is perfect. It stops loss of fluids from vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, also carbs give you energy so take it after workouts. It solves digestion and gastroenteritis.

Diuretic – good for detox, more urine and no UTIs. Potassium creates alkalinity, removes kidney stones. Add sea salt in this too and have it 2 times daily. Bacteria is removed and bladder healthy.

Better heart health – no fat in this water. It keeps heart healthy and removes bad cholesterol. Raises the good HDL and makes good lipid metabolism with no bad fats. Removes free radicals, inflammation, artery plaque and stroke risks.

Weight loss – low in calories, this is good for the slim line. It has enzymes for metabolism and fat digestion. Also has potassium and removes excess toxins and water. To lsoe weight have 8 oz of this water and do not exceed

For hangover – after alcohol, grab this water to remove sickness. It replenishes electrolytes and stops oxidation stress. In the morning, make smoothie with this 2 cups, mango, mints and ice with some lemon juice.

Slow aging – it has cytokines for aging tissues and skin will be nourished, smooth and soft. Mix 1 cup of this, sandalwood and make paste. apply, dry off and rinse.

Good pH -modern life, sugar, stress, smoking all make acidity. This makes fatigue, no energy, deficits. Coconut replenishes them.

Skip this in case of allergy to nuts

Makes bloated belly and upset belly

For damaged kidneys, talk to doctor first

Skip this before and after surgeries to avoid blood pressure issues.

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