8 Powerful Benefits Of The Sesame Seed Oil And The Sesame Seeds!

The small sesame seeds are one of the most powerful seeds used throughout history for many purposes. The Egyptians made flour from the sesame seeds and the Romans used them to make butter. At that time, it was believed that the sesame seeds had magical powers due to its health properties and health benefits.

The sesame seeds are amazing protein source. They contain high amounts of proteins and most importantly they don’t contain cholesterol. These seeds contain other beneficial elements like vitamin B1, zinc, selenium, magnesium, manganese, copper and calcium. It is highly recommended to include these seeds in the diet.

Some of the benefits of the sesame seeds are:

  • Sesame oil reduces the risk of developing cancer

The sesame seeds contain phytate which is anti-cancer element. Studies show that this compound stimulates the immune system to fight diseases like prostate cancer, breast cancer and high cholesterol. It obstructs the growth of the cancer cells and increases the differentiation of the cancer cells.

  • Prevents from anxiety and stress

These seeds contain an important amino acid called tryptophan. It is a precursor of the serotonin or the neurotransmitter of happiness as it`s known. Serotonin regulates the sleep and the mood. Low levels of serotonin or the complete lack of it leads to anxiety, nervousness and depression.

  • Reduces the cholesterol levels

Sesame seeds contain high amounts of phytosterols and oleic acid. According to many studies these two compounds reduce the bad cholesterol or LDL and increase the good cholesterol or HDL in the blood. The sesame seeds reduce significantly the risk of developing coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

  • Prevents diabetes

The sesame seeds contain essential and very important nutrients and magnesium. These compounds prevent and treat diabetes. According to a study in the Journal of Medicinal Foods using the sesame seeds for cooking lowers the high blood pressure and the levels of blood glucose in diabetic hypertensive patients.

  • Lowers the blood pressure

Sesame oil and sesame seeds are rich in antioxidants and contain healthy fatty acids like oryzanol, sesamoline, sesamol and sesamin. All of the compounds of the sesame seeds reduce the high blood pressure. According to a study from 2012 conducted by the American Heart Association cooking with sesame oil and rice bran oil is even more effective in reducing the high blood pressure that the conventional medications for this condition.

  • Improves the health of the bones

Among all the mentioned elements, these seeds also contain zinc which improves the mineral density of the bones and prevents osteoporosis in the spine and hip area. These seeds have more calcium, which is needed for the strength of the bones, than 1 glass of milk.

According to a study in the National Institutes of Health in the USA the sesame seeds improve the motility and the sperm count and helps the male infertility. This seed is recommended and commonly prescribed for treating male infertility as safe, natural and effective method.

The benefits of the sesame seed for the sperm values and parameters are due to its antioxidant properties. The consumption of the sesame seeds means consumption of the free radicals of the lignins contained in the sesame seeds which increase the tocopherol levels that obstruct the sperm motility.

  • Improves the oral health

The sesame oil and the sesame seeds improve and keep the oral health by whitening the teeth and removing the plaque. A study in 2008 shows that the Streptococcus mutants bacteria in the saliva and the teeth can be reduced by rinsing the mouth with sesame seed oil. This method prevents from gingivitis and reduces plaque buildups.

  • Helps in the process of weight loss

Including the sesame oil in the diet can stimulate the weight loss. According to a study in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine people who take 2.6 tablespoons a day of this oil lost 2.6 pounds in just 45 days. The negative side is that after they have stopped using the oil in low calorie diet the gained the weight.

In order to enjoy all the benefits of the sesame seeds and the sesame seed oil you don’t need to take large amounts. It is more than enough to take about 100 gr. or even less per day. This amount of the seeds will provide you with the needed proteins, vitamins and minerals to improve the overall health and it will help you lose the undesired extra pounds.