8 Ingredients That You Need To Avoid If You Suffer From Joint Pain!

Joint pain is acute or chronic medical condition which needs to be treated seriously because it can be very painful and discomforting. Joint pain can be caused by arthritis, dislocated and broken bones, other injuries, lupus, fibromyalgia or gout. It is a painful condition which can cause serious inflammations. The inflammation can be worsen by the type of food that you consume.

Here is the list of foods and ingredients that you need to avoid so you can reduce and eliminate the pain.


If you struggle with joint pain try to avoid anything that contains processes sugar like sodas, candy, chocolate, cereals and other types of desert. The processed sugar stimulates the production of cytokines which are the inflammatory messengers. Also the consumption of processed sugar leads to gaining weight and other health problems.

Monosodium glutamate

MSG or monosodium glutamate is an additive which is added in various Asian foods and soy sauce for enhancing the flavor. It can be found in different soup mixes, fast food meals, deli meats and salad dressings. The monosodium glutamate can be the cause for joint inflammation and it can even worsen it.


The excessive consumption of alcohol is bad not just for the liver but also for your entire health. Although many people think that the beer is not that harmful it can very much provoke some serious conditions because of the ingredients that it contains. Purines and gluten are some of the compounds of the beer. In the body the purines transform in uric acid which is the main reason for inflammation and joint pain to appear. If you suffer from fragile joints avoid beer because it contains gluten which is very harmful.

Refined carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates are all the white flour products like: white rice, cereals, crackers, white potatoes and white breads.

According to some studies the main cause for obesity and other chronic conditions are the processed carbs. These products have high levels of glycemic and can be the reason for inflammation because they stimulate the production of AGE.

Processed and red meats

These types of meat contain nitrate and purine which are harmful chemicals which can cause the inflammation in the organism. According to some studies the processed and red meat can cause and help the cancer growth and other serious problems.

Dairy products

Eliminate the dairy products from your diet because they are the most difficult for the body to digest. Many people suffer from some kind of digestion problem when they consume dairy products. These products are considered to be highly inflammatory food so if you suffer from joint pain stop using them.


In order to promote long self-live many pre-made and packaged food contain high quantities of preservatives and salt. Refined salt disrupts the balance of the fluids in the organism because it contains chemicals and additives. Always try to eliminate the refined salt from your diet. If you like salty food use Himalayan sea salt instead.

Corn oil

A lot of the baked products and different snacks contain oils which are loaded with omega 6 fatty acids like the corn oil. These oils can provoke inflammation so try to avoid grape seed oil, peanuts and salad dressings. For improving your health and prevent from inflammation and pain replace them with flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts and olive oil which are anti-inflammatory because they contain the good omega 3 fatty acids.

Source and imagesource: davidwolfe.com