7 Early Signs That Show You Consume Too Much Sugar!

Everybody loves sweets and sugar and we all know that big amounts can harm our health but it`s so difficult to resist.  In case of excessive consumption of sugar the body sends warning signs that indicate that it`s time to stop consuming sugar. The important thing is to learn how to recognize these signs and act once you have noticed them.

These are the main early symptoms that indicate that the levels of sugar are too high:

Fatigue and lack of energy

Constant fatigue and tiredness is a symptom of sugar addiction. If you feel tired even after resting than you are probably eating high amounts of sugar. Carbs and sugar just give initial boost of energy and later they crush you down.

Sugar and carbs cravings

Another sign of sugar addiction are the constant cravings for carbs and sugar. In this case the best way to clean the body is to do sugar detox.

Gaining weight

Sugar doesn’t contain fiber or protein, so consumption of high amounts of sugar means high consumption of calories. The excessive consumption of sugar stimulates more production of insulin which leads to insulin resistance and gaining weight.

Feet and skin problems

According to the podiatrist Dr. S. Green sugar might be the reason for plantar fasciitis a medical disorder characterized with pain in the feet and the heel. Sugar can cause acne, rosacea and eczema due to its inflammatory effects on the body. Also high amounts of sugar can cause dark bags under the eyes and adrenal fatigue.

Brain fog

Another sign of sugar addiction is brain fog which occurs when the blood sugar levels are low and it usually happens after meals. The consumption of too much sugar makes the insulin levels to spike. If this occurs constantly it can lead to cognitive problems.

Frequent colds and flu

Sugar affects the immune system making it weak, so excessive consumption of sugar impairs the ability of the body to fight colds and flu. This might be the reason if you are frequently affected by colds and flu.

Sugary treats don’t taste the same

The consumption of high amounts of sugar attacks the taste buds, so the sugary treats don’t taste as sweet as before because it impairs the sugar tolerance. Fixing this problem is easy. Just cut out the sugar and the taste will improve.

Source and imagesource: organichealthhouse.com