The 6 Ways For Brightening Dark Skin In Intimate Areas

When we talk about pubes this means is a delicate topic, this area is a taboo topic still. There is more to be learned on hygiene and esthetics here.

The common issue is dark skin in pubes. Women have this more than men. Is there a natural cure? 6 of them!

The science aspect is that as to the American academy of dermatology, this is also named acanthosis nigricans AN. Apart from the groins also appears in neck, armpits and more. This skin is thick, but soft and smooth. A dermatologist can look at this and give diagnosis, and majority of people that have this are African in origins.

You are either born with this or you have diabetes. Also it can be gland issue or even obesity. Experts claim even contraception does this. No shame here. Many have this issue.

Here are the best advice for skin cures and apply them on the groins too

Lemon- the citric juice is good for blonde shade, and also vitamin C. rub the juice on the dark area, after 10 min, wash off and after 2 months be surprised. Never shave before using this, it will sting.

Sandalwood and rosewater- get this from a health store or Indian food store. Mix 1 tbsp sandalwood powder, 10 drops rose water, apply after a shower and after 20 min rinse. This powder brightens and softens skin and the rosewater hydrates. Do this 3 times per week

Aloe gel- get this from the leaves or get 100% aloe gel from the store. Massage on the groin, after 20 min rinse. Use this after baths

Yoghurt- not the fruit sweet yoghurt. Get plain one. This cools and soothes skin. Massage it and after 15 min use warm water to rinse. Do this daily.

OJ and turmeric- for a while, Indian women used this, and lemons too. Turmeric might stain some fabrics so careful here. Mix 2 tbsp OJ, pinch turmeric and apply daily for 20 min and rinse

Gram flour- famous in Southeast Asia, made of chickpeas, this exfoliates and brightens. Make paste with water and the flour, apply, let it dry and rinse. Do it 3 times weekly.

For this intimate area, chemicals are not good and can do harm. Try natural instead.

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