6 Warning Signs That Indicate Liver Damage!

The liver is a crucial organ in the human body.  It has many important roles like cleansing the blood, fighting different infections, helps digesting the food and most importantly it is an organ that regenerates itself in case of damage.

It the function of this organ is disrupted it can be dangerous for the health.  Its function can be affected by inflammations, scarring, cancer or excessive use of medicines. If this internal organ is damaged the sings can sometimes be very noticeable.

Here are some of the symptoms that the liver is damaged.

  • Turning yellow

If the liver is not functioning properly because of high levels of bilirubin accumulated in the blood, the skin and the eyes can become yellow due to the color of the bilirubin. This condition is known as jaundice. This condition appears when the liver is damaged and not able to process the bilirubin. This type of damage to the liver can be caused by excessive use of toxic substances, infections, excessive use of alcohol, hepatitis, use of ecstasy or cancer.

  • Urine and stool

The yellowing or the jaundice can make changes in the urine and stool also. If you suffer from jaundice the stool can become pale and the color of the urine dark.

  • Bruises

If you have problems with the liver you can bruise and bleed more easily. The reason for that is the reduced production of the proteins needed for blood clotting. The liver produces clotting factors and if it`s damaged they cannot be produced.

  • Itch

Other symptoms of liver disease are cancer, itching, kidney failure and problems with the thyroid gland. The itching may appear anywhere and the skin changes.

  • Swelling

Damaged liver can also cause swelling. If the liver is damaged, it can`t function properly and do its work, so water retention occurs which causes the legs and abdomen do swell.

  • No symptoms

In some cases, the damaged liver may not show any symptom or sign. In these cases people are not even aware of the problems. It`s shocking that almost half of the patients don’t have symptoms. Others just noticed occasional tiredness, itching, lack of drive and fatigue.

Not noticing the signs and symptoms on time can cause very serious health problems.  There are cases in which people had problems with the blood vessels and liver bursting. If the liver bursts the toxins can go to the brain causing problems with the mental functions. This can also cause diarrhea and nausea. If the liver disease is not treated, in time the symptoms will become much worse and the patients can become disoriented, confused and very sleepy. In worse cases patients can experience coma and even death. This condition can be solved with liver transplant. The best way to help yourself and to keep your health is to be aware of the signs that the body sends as warning. Every one of us needs to learn these signs in order to recognize them and to prevent liver diseases.

Source: organichealthcorner.com