6 Alkaline Foods For Better Health!

The unhealthy eating habits and the bad lifestyle are the biggest risk factors of our time.  The average American diet is considered deadly because it`s consisted of many acidic foods, refines grains, dairy, meats, sugar, GMOs, artificial sweeteners and toxins and on top of all that we need to deal with stress, pollution and so much more. All of these factors are responsible for degenerative problems, chronic problems and deadly diseases.

The biggest problems of them all is the fact that not many people know that the pH level in the body must be balanced and it needs to be above 7 in order everything in the body to survive and to function properly. The food that we consume affects the pH levels in the body and the body becomes either acidic or alkaline. The components of the foods like magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and sodium are the biggest determining factors.

According to the Conscious Living Center all the foods contain alkaline and acidic items, so the balance is very important. The consumption of acidic foods makes the body acidic and causes different health problems. The lack of nutrients in these foods force the body to get all the needed elements from other organs, tissues and bones and it reduces the ability of the body to eliminate heavy metals which causes serious damages and health problems. The pH level must be at least 7.365 because even 6.9 can be deadly.

The key is balanced foods and balanced pH levels. If the body is too much alkaline it can also cause some problems but they are not so serious like the ones caused by acidity.

These are some of the best foods that can help you improve your health:

Leafy green vegetables

These vegetables contain folate, vitamin K, fiber, vitamins, phytochemicals and minerals which improve the digestion and the vision. They are spinach, kale, swiss chard, turnip and many more.

Root vegetables

These foods are used in the Chinese medicine because they have the healing YANG and minerals. They are turnip, horseradish, rutabaga, carrot, white, red or black radish, beet etc. They will make you feel more satiated. Just steam the roots for 20 minutes and consume them.


Garlic is the best natural medicinal vegetable there is. It improves the overall health and it makes the body more alkaline. Also it lowers the pressure, improves the health of the heart, cleans the liver and fights various medical problems.

Crucifer vegetables

These vegetables are amazing and everybody likes them. They are cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and others.


Lemons are the best natural products for alkalinity. Lemons are natural disinfectants. They can eliminate hyperacidity, flu, viruses and colds, heartburn, coughs, heal wounds and energy the liver. They are the best detoxifying foods.

Cayenne pepper

This tropical pepper is very powerful which makes the body alkaline and improves the health of the endocrine system. It contains vitamin A which fights the free radicals. Also it eliminates stress and kills different bacteria in the body.

Changing the diet is very important for the health and the body. The most important thing is to have moderated and balanced diet and to consume fresh fruits and vegetables every day.