5 Homemade Methods To Eliminate Mice From The House!

Although the mice look so small and innocent they are one of the most dangerous creatures to have in the house. Seeing a mouse running through the house and kitchen makes everybody scream.

Just to think about mice going through the food and poking around between the dishes and drawers makes you feel sick.

Rats, mice and other insects are very dangerous because they are serious disease carriers and generators. Because of that if you have this problem you need to deal with it immediately. The process of elimination can be long because you don’t know if there is more than one or if they come from the house next door, so you need to be patient.  Plus there is the scary fact that mice reproduce with the speed of light so you need to act quickly.

To eliminate these plagues from the house you can try these homemade methods or tricks which are very efficient.

Method # 1

This method is very famous. Get a cat! Cats are the best mice hunters. The nocturnal habits of the cats allow them to do their job and eliminate the mice. A dog can also be helpful.

Method # 2

Soft drinks are bad for the people`s health and apparently they are lethal for mice. Put some soda in a bowl and leave it in a place where you`ve seen the mouse. The gas contained in the soda drowns the mice because they cannot eliminate the gas in any way. So the inflammation kills them.

Method # 3

The plaster of Paris is another very efficient way to eliminate mice from the house. Mix plaster of Paris, tablespoon salt and flour in a bowl leaving it on the entrance of the house or where you`ve seen the mice. Next to the bowl with the mixture leave a bowl with water. The smell of the mixture will attract the mice.  A soon as the mice ingest the mixture the salt will make them thirsty. The water will harden the ingested plaster and this will kill them.

Method # 4

For this eliminating method you need to do the same mixture with plaster of Paris, flour and chocolate powder instead of salt. This mixture is even more powerful than the one with salt in it.  The effect will be the same. The mixture will be hardened inside the mouse after the water has been consumed but the chocolate powder will attract them even more than the salt.

Method # 5

This method doesn’t kill the mice, it only keeps them away from your house. For this purpose you can sprinkle some cayenne pepper in the corners or leave it in a bowl.  Another ingredient that you can use is the cloves. Just put some of them on the cupboards and the mice will stay away from them.

Source and imagesource: organichealthuniverse.com